Ice Cream & Waffle Cones

The new Dockside's Exclusive Flavor, Mint Overboard which is Mint based ice cream, colored blue like the ocean with chocolate mint cookie crumble and fudge swirl

Make Your Day a Little Sweeter

Enjoy homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt and frappes

Nothing is better on a hot summer day than homemade ice cream, floats and sundaes. Whether by foot, bike, boat or car, come on by Dockside Ice Cream located in the marina. Treat yourself to your favorite cold treat while taking in the beautiful view of the water and nearby beaches. If you haven't had lunch or dinner yet, don't fear, we offer some fan favorite food items. Click on the link to view our menu.

After visiting once, you'll quickly understand why we've been everyone's favorite location for over 40 years. Bring your family in today, we look forward to serving you!

What's your flavor?

What's your flavor?

We are also offering a new ice cream treat! The Cinnawich which is vanilla ice cream sandwiched between a warm cinnamon roll and topped with hot fudge.

Whether you like classic vanilla with hot fudge on top or you mix up your flavors in a swirl of rainbow colors, you can have it your way at Dockside Ice Cream. We have over 20 different flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurt and sherbet, including:

Ice cream

  • Black Raspberry - GF, NF
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Butter Crunch - GF, NF
  • Cherry Chunk - GF, NF
  • Chocolate - GF, NF
  • Chocolate Chip - GF, NF
  • Coconut Almond Joy - GF
  • Coffee - GF, NF
  • Coffee Oreo - NF
  • Cookie Monster - NF
  • Cotton Candy - GF, NF
  • Cranberry Harvest - GF
  • Double Chip Cookie Dough- NF
  • Double Chocolate Fudge - GF
  • Espresso Brownie Fudge - NF
  • Mint Chip - GF, NF
  • Mint Overboard
  • Mocha Peanut Butter - GF
  • Oreo - NF
  • Reese's Pieces - GF
  • Strawberry - GF,
  • Vanilla - GF, NF

Sugar Free
Maple Walnut - GF, SF

Frozen yogurt
Coffee Heath - GF
Black Raspberry Chip - GF, NF

Raspberry - GF, NF

Lemon - GF, NF
Orange - GF, NF

Pina Colada - DF, NF, GF

Our flavors are made fresh each morning. Try one of our homemade waffle cones or mix it up with an ice cream float. No matter how you get it, we know you'll love it.